We are located in beautiful downtown Seattle
across from the famous Pike Place Market!

1530 1st Ave (1st & Pine) 206 467-7745
We are open seven days a week!
11:30-6pm and Sun-Mon 12-6pm
with extended holiday and summer hours!
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Books, Calendars & Cards, Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Statues, Music, Jewelry, Environmental Gifts, Yoga, Self-Help, Wicca, Incense,
Oils, Fair Trade Clothing & Hand bags, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Psychic Tarot Readings, Aromatherapy & Much, Much More!!!
(We offer the largest assortment of local and imported Incense in Seattle!)
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Eco-elements offers
Seattle's Top Psychic Tarot readers!
Every journey starts with a beginning.

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Eco-element's reviews

“Eco Elements is an Oasis in the heart of Seattle with every tool imaginable for personal Spiritual Growth. From books to crystals, deity statuary & incense, tarot decks & runes! The owner has dedicated the last 20 years to providing a haven that offers what you need for your Path. The most talented psychics in Puget Sound are available seven days a week for a reading that will empower and encourage you! Stop by and see for yourself!”

* * *

I love stores like this!! Small and cozy! Like a little hideaway place. A store that you find by accident that you fall in love with! I found this walking around, didn't go in it first since I was heading somewhere else, but the sales window showed awesome stuff. This time I went in recently, and looked around. Sales lady was super nice, helpful (esp when I had a few books in one hand and a coffee in another) so I got my friend two books from that place, and myself incense and two books too. They were nice and the other sales lady was very nice and talked to you while the other one was ringing up your purchase, she asked me if the incense was for me or my friend since I mentioned I was buying the houdou(think thats what it was spelled) and said no mine, she gave me a free sample to take home of some incense, three incense sticks, I never say no to free stuff so I took them. I tell you if you love small stores that gives you a sense of comfort go here! They support their local community, you gotta support them too!!!!

* * *

Awesome store, great selection, very good customer service! I would've stayed all day in that store if I could have, very relaxing environment.

* * *

When a retailer supports the local community, I find myself wanting to support that retailer with my business.  Eco-Elements does just that and hands out a healthy dose of conservationism to the hundreds of tourists who wander around up to 1st Ave from Pike Place Market.  When I walk into the store and inhale the myriad of scents, the stress drops off my shoulders and the desire to sign a petition grows strong.

* * *

This is yet another store in Seattle that I stumbled upon "by accident."  I had just left the Pike Place Market and was walking around Seattle when I found it, conveniently located within walking distance from the Pike Place Market (just up the street, actually).  This store has a lot to offer for such a small place.  The first thing I always notice in places like these is the extremely friendly and welcoming staff, and this place definitely had just that.  They are there actively interacting with the customers, making sure they can find everything alright and answering questions to the best of their knowledge.  The store itself has a variety of merchandise such as: crystals and gemstones of all sizes, crystal healing wands, tibetan singing bowls, pendants, oils, little smudge sticks, candles, pre-blessed candles charged with a particular intent, tarot card decks with open samples for display, oracle card decks, pouches for storing card decks, a wide array of books covering the topics that you would expect to see at a new age store, and they even sell clothes!  They also have psychic readers available.

* * *

Being that the name of the store is Eco Elements, you'd expect that they have some kind of connection to the environment, and they indeed have just that.  There is a rack of pamphlets and ads about a variety of eco-friendly things to the right as soon as you enter the store, and at the counter is an ad for a movie called The Cove (watch it, you'll never eat dolphin again).  All in all, this was an excellent store and my shopping experience here is always a great one.


Eco-elements promotes Fair trade & supports vendors that make charitable organizations part of their corporate spirit!
Eco-elements ships all over the world!

Eco-elements friendly & knowledgable staff look forward to assisting you in your path!

Eco-Elements 1530 1st Ave. Seattle, WA 98101  206 467-7745                                                                                                                                                Contact



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